👋 Launch seminar for the SAGID+ chair (11/09/2023)

This event is an opportunity to bring together all the partners and stakeholders involved, to varying degrees, in the work carried out within the framework of the chair.

We are pleased to announce the launch of the chair ‘Support for Roadside Vegetation Management Professions through Comprehensive and Sustainable Management’ (SAGID+). Through this chair, we aim to develop ’turnkey’ tools and methods capable of assessing the sustainability of roadside management practices, contribute to the evolution of eco-responsible behaviors, and integrate the profession of roadside vegetation manager into bioeconomy sectors.

To mark the launch of the chair, we are organizing a seminar on the morning of Thursday, November 9th, at the facilities of Noremat (Ludres – 54), bringing together a diverse audience, including elected officials, maintenance professionals, researchers, and students. We would be delighted to have you join us for this event.

Here is the detailed program for the morning:

8:30: Welcome Coffee
9:00: Welcome Speech
9:15: Presentation of the Chair
9:45: Presentation on Roadside Management

  • “Roadside Dependencies and Hydro-Sediment Transfers” by Romain Reulier (University of Caen)
  • “Towards More Sustainable Roadside Management - Lessons from the Côtes d’Armor Department” by Frédérique Morin (Road Maintenance and Operation Department of Côtes d’Armor)
  • “Tree-lined Avenues - Pathways to the Future” by Chantal Pradines (Allées Avenues Association)

11:00: Working Groups on Chair Axes

Workshop 1: “First Steps Towards a Decision Support Tool for Roadside Management”
Workshop 2: “Towards Shared Decision-Making: Experimenting with a Tool for Collective Scenario Building for Roadside Management”
Workshop 3: “Prospective: Reflections on the Drivers and Barriers for Future Biomass Valorization Sectors of Roadside Biomass”

12:00: Networking and Refreshments

Brice Corrigeux
Brice Corrigeux
Study engineer for SAGID+