👩🏻‍🏫 New thesis launched

This week marks the launch of the thesis titled: Assessment of Ecosystem Services Provided by Roadside Areas.

Welcome to Ziadany Mayoral Solis, who joined the SAGID+ chair as a doctoral candidate on Monday, October 9th. Her thesis, titled Assessment of the Capacity of Roadside to Provide Ecosystem Services and the Design of Management Plans Focusing on Sustainable Use,is part of Axis 1 and will focus on the interactions between human practices and the ecosystem services provided by roadside.

Ziadany holds a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering from UASLP in Mexico, where she studied various environmental issues and how to address them. During her third year, she had the opportunity to participate in an exchange program with France, in the city of Lyon, where she improved her knowledge of the French language and culture.

Since her bachelor’s degree, she has developed an interest in soil sciences and ecosystem maintenance. She continued her studies by pursuing a master’s degree in France, where she deepened her understanding of the relationship between the climate system and the biosphere, as well as climate change. She then returned to Mexico to work on a research project in an arid region of her country. With her team, she explored the agricultural systems of goat herders to develop and advocate for climate change adaptation strategies.

She is excited to collaborate on this project, as roadside are complex socio-ecological systems whose management can contribute to the provision of ecosystem services and environmental preservation. One of the main reasons she decided to pursue a doctoral degree is her desire to contribute to applied science projects, particularly working on climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies."

Brice Corrigeux
Brice Corrigeux
Study engineer for SAGID+