💡 Participation to "48 heures pour faire vivre des idées"

A topic from the company NOREMAT was proposed to students participating in this event organized by ENSGSI

The “48 heures pour faire vivre des idées” is a creativity and innovation challenge created and organized by ENSGSI for the past 23 years. During this two-and-a-half-day event, over 1500 students from various locations in France and internationally are tasked with generating ideas on diverse topics from different companies.

Thanks to the SAGID+ chair, the company NOREMAT was able to propose a study subject. Therefore, students had the opportunity to imagine the future cockpit for roadside maintenance operators. This topic, with few constraints, allowed them to think about solutions regarding issues such as mental workload, ergonomics, and adapting the profession to climate change.

Participation in this event has, on the one hand, allowed the company NOREMAT to gather a substantial number of ideas that may potentially lead to the launch of one or more projects. On the other hand, it has provided participants, for the most part, with insights into the profession of highway maintenance operators and the related challenges.

Brice Corrigeux
Brice Corrigeux
Study engineer for SAGID+