Identification of Sensor Technologies with the Potential to Support Roadside Ecosystem Services


In perpetual development, roads are creating a vast network with harmful ecological effects. However, vegetative strips that border them, called roadsides, can mitigate, and even provide additional ecosystem services to the society (biodiversity preservation, water and air filtration,…). Mainly for security reasons, these roadsides must be regularly maintained. Inappropriate roadside management can lead to the decrease in ecosystem services (spread of invasive plants, habitats destruction or modification of the environment by soil enrichment among others). As roadside maintenance is highly recommended, the aim of this review is to identify technological solutions allowing to reduce management effects on ecosystem services provided by roadsides. Based on a systematic review of the scientific literature, five sensor technologies solutions were finally selected: the detection of rare, protected, or invasive plant species, the detection of animals, the automated control of ditches, the assessment of biomass quantity and carbon storage and the assessment of cultural services provided by roadsides.

2022 IEEE 28th International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE/ITMC) & 31st International Association For Management of Technology (IAMOT) Joint Conference.